"Study, conceptualization, technology and industrialization are our key factors to achieve the success."

Liquid studio is born in order to provide real and competitive solutions in an increasingly globalized and specialized society, adapting to the needs of both our customers and their consumers. The purpose is to offer real solutions that provide value in an increasingly saturated market.

The study is made up of a team of industrial designers with extensive experience within the product development center (Centro cid) and with the support of an important engineering studio, where experience and knowledge are used at the service of the project from the start until industrialization.

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We maintain a direct relationship with the different departments of your company, offering a consistent and appropriate product to your possibilities.



We study and analyze the market and trends to offer you an attractive and differentiated product, valued by its customers.


We offer functional and innovative solutions adapted to your company's processes, allowing you to develop attractive and affordable products for manufacturing.


We are committed to offering clear and defined objectives, providing sustainable, innovative and tangible solutions for your clients.

"We make the imperceptible reality, so that users can completely rediscover a product they thought they knew, helping our customers to improve, or create from scratch, an idea to make this a reality.

Feel free to contact us without obligation."


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